Hydra system dibi

hydra system dibi

Hydra system dibi

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Hydra system dibi конопли семена калорийность hydra system dibi

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The senses are reawakened, beauty is reborn. DIBI MILANO treatments for face and body offer targeted answers to the real needs of the skin, offering consumers the correct solution and professionals in the sector a strategic business opportunity, in Italy and around the world. For more than 40 years, Scientific Research products , Technological Innovation equipment and Experience the place and the beauty consultant come together to ensure maximum effectiveness through a method and a tailored program.

FISIOTRON was launched: innovative equipment which, through the experience gained by the company in the bio-medical field, uses electrostimulation to counteract imperfections on the body. The brand. Under my dress, nothing but DIBI. The Values. Scientific method Our proven method allows us to objectively identify the aesthetic criticalities of face and body, defining a treatment strategy that guarantees real, fast and totally reliable results.

Research and development Our laboratories are committed every day to preparing advanced cosmetic formulas and developing equipment for professional aesthetics with cutting edge technology and very high innovation content. Cutting edge technology The powerful synergy of the most advanced technologies for beauty, the result of constant innovation in aesthetics, guarantees maximum performance in full compliance with safety. High performance products Thanks to active ingredients selected and implemented through the most innovative and cutting-edge aesthetic formulations, all our products are developed with strict scientific standard to guarantee function and effectiveness.

Certified results Our collaboration with the most accredited Dermocosmetic Research Institutes guarantees the effectiveness, safety and absolute value of the aesthetic performance of our products. On-going training Highly qualified teachers constantly train and update the owners and staff of beauty centres over 5, Beauty Professionals every year on the correct use of methods, products and technologies, with dedicated, theoretical and practical courses, to pass on technical-scientific notions at the highest levels.

The method An exclusive approach with the customer. In FISIOTRON was launched: innovative equipment which, through the experience gained by the company in the bio-medical field, uses electrostimulation to counteract imperfections on the body. It will leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated with a radiant and refreshed complexion, this effective treatment gives immediate results and requires no recovery time.

The Deluxe HydraFacial offers a bespoke treatment which addresses your specific needs. It is also upgraded by combining the original treatment with a masque and lymphatic drainage massage to activate your lymphatic system to get rid of the toxin on your face. It includes also LED light therapy to stimulate the collagen and correct your skin problem. A HydraFacial treatment which includes microdermabrasion using the diamond tip to give you an extra hydration and exfoliation, it also includes a special booster that can address and cater for any specific skin concerns.

It also includes LED light therapy to stimulate the collagen and correct your skin problem and banish the signs of ageing. HydraFacial Services HydraFacial. HydraFacial Replenish, Exfoliate and Rejuvenate your Skin The HydraFacial treatment is a non-surgical procedure that produces immediate results for all skin types and requires no downtime. What does the HydraFacial target? How do HydraFacial work? Benefits Reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Improves skin elasticity. Skin appears brighter and smoother.

It helps to tighten the pores and remove congestion. Helps remove blackheads. Benefits Rejuvenates skin to make it healthy and radiant. Diminishes the signs of ageing. Heals sun-damaged skin. Help get rid of acne. Effectively treats inflammation. Frequently Asked Questions What results can I expect? Glowing, radiant skin, clean pores and a fresh look. Who is the right candidate for HydraFacial?

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